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Adrian is a fully qualified linedance instructor and is a member of the BWDA.  He has taken over an established local dance club and hopes he can impart his enthusiasm and enjoyment of linedancing.


Linedance has changed over the recent years and now is choreographed to many genres of music from Pop, Irish, Latin and R'n'B to the more widely known genre of Country music traditionally associated with linedancing.  The steps too have become more diverse.  The inclusion of steps from other dance styles make for a fusion of dance but in a line.


Adrian is a local DJ and is heavily involved in all aspects of linedancing both locally and nationally.  He attends workshops and has a good relationship with choreographers to be able to bring you the best dances being danced socially.


So give it a try, come to Strictly Linedancers.  You too may get the bug for linedancing.


Welcome to the Strictly Linedancers club

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Due to the current pandemic, please note that all classes, socials and bookings are suspended until further notice